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Brake Lines, Power Brake Vacuum Booster Lines, Transmission Cooler Lines, Transmission Vacuum Lines, Fuel Tank to Pump Lines, Fuel Pump to Carburetor Lines, Holley Carburetor Transfer Lines, Universal Fuel Hose & Clamp Kits. Thermal Choke Control Lines, Distributor Vacuum Lines, Clips & Fasteners.
Because of the necessary specifics of these lines Call John for ordering details.
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1967 Standard Drum, Early Production, 5-Line Set
1967 Standard Drum, Early Production, 5-Line Set
Our Price: $70.00

1967 Standard Drum, Early Production, 5-Line Set Available in Original Material for $70.00 or Stainless Steel at $90.00
**PLEASE NOTE: This item is too large to ship through US Postal Service out of the continental US.** It can ONLY be shipped through BAX GLOBAL outside continental USA. Much Higher Freight Charges Will Apply. PLEASE CALL FOR DETAILS
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