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Mercury Cougar Rechromed Bumpers. We can rechrome YOUR '67-'73 Front & Rear Bumpers. All bumpers are rechromed in the West Michigan area...No foreign chrome on our bumpers!!! Triple plated! Excellent Quality! IF you do not have good bumpers to rechrome, please give us a call. We have bumpers we can help you with. '67-'70 FRONT: $450.00; '71-'73 FRONT: $495.00. '67-'70 REAR: $450.00; '71-'73 REAR: $495.00 ALL PRICES + SHIPPING & HANDLING CHARGES CONTINENTAL US ONLY. CANADA & OUT OF COUNTRY SHIPPING IS AVALABLE THROUGH BAX GLOBAL. PLEASE CALL FOR SHIPPING CHARGES.

Currently we have several in-stock bumpers. If you need a new one and you have a show coming up let us know and we can ship one to you today. Right now we have...

1967 Rear
1969 Front
1970 Front
1973 Front

Call John for more information 616-396-0390.
Mercury Cougar Rechromed Bumpers